[mrtg] Script returns 4 values, Plot values via MRTG/routers2?

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Fri Jan 4 02:08:32 CET 2013

Some comments below inline:


                - "Regular" Options (*from above): 
                        - noo - Here the "noo" is important because we only
want one value to be graphed (i.e. Tells MRTG to not do 
                                  the default, which is to graph "In" and
"Out" Values like for a router's interface traffic). So here the "noo" 
                                  says "no out" value. 


This is a ‘display option’, controlling how the data are displayed by
Routers2.  Similarly, you can use ‘noi’ to hide the incoming (first)

                        - gauge - The "gauge" option is basically a "current
status" value. Not sure if that's what you want for this, I'm 
                                      thinking it probably is though..? 


This means the value does not need to be converted to a rate by MRTG as
collection/storage time.

                        - growright - And I think the "growright" option is
not used anymore (deprecated), but I always include it by habit. 

If you omit this, native-mode MRTG will make the graphs with the time on the
X-axis decreasing.  This option is ignored by Routers2; all graphs are
created with the time on the X axis increasing.

                - "Enhanced" Options (*from above, with 'routers.cgi*' ): 
                        - fixunit - This you will probably need as well.
This tells MRTG that this value should not be appended with the 
                                        normal "k" or "b/s", etc... since
It's only a number/count. 
                        - nototal - This will remove the "Total" line
calculation from showing on the graph. 
                        - nopercent - This will suppress the calculation of
the percentage of the MaxBytes value for the displayed values. 
                                             Without this, a line will be
graphed showing a percentage/ratio of the current value compared to 
                                             the "MaxBytes" value. 

You may also want the ‘nomax’ option, which suppresses the ‘Max’ line on
the graph (in cases where there is no hard maximum).  This also implies


        3.   routers.cgi*Graph[$target_name]: All-Counters 
                        *This Directive must be included in ALL 4 of the
"Modem Counters" Graph's Directives. You may include the 
                         "Enhanced" Options on this line as well, after the
new Graph's name (i.e. After "All-Counters" ). But I THINK the 
                         graph will inherit Options From the 4 parent

Yes, the Usedefined graph will inherit options from EVERY routers.cgi*Graph
component, and also from any routers.cgi*Option[graphname] lines you add.
So technically, you only need to put the ‘total’ and ‘average’ options
on one line (if you want them) though it is Best Practice to add them to all
such lines if used for clarity.




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