[mrtg] Script returns 4 values, Plot values via MRTG/routers2?

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Thu Jan 3 20:31:51 CET 2013

Hey Keith,

No problem, when I started using MRTG a little over a year or so ago, this 
mailing-list really helped me work my way through it.
So I'm glad to return the favor...

Anyway, I think all you would need to do is this:

- Options for each of the 4 "Modem Counters" Graph:
        *For each of the Modem "Counters" Graphs (*there are 4) you could 
use something like this as your 
         "routers.cgi*Options[...]:" Directive:

         1.  Options[$target_name]: growright, gauge, noo
         2.  routers.cgi*Options[$target_name]: fixunit, nototal, 

                        *If you need to use ANY of the options on the 
"routers.cgi*Options" Line then you need to prefix "Options" with the
                         "routers.cgi*" prefix. On the cfg file I took 
these directives from, I use both of the above lines for a config that 
                         current/active VPN Sessions. Which is somewhat 
similar to yours because it is just a count/number, and not a unit (i.e. 
kb, b, etc...)

                - "Regular" Options (*from above):
                        - noo - Here the "noo" is important because we 
only want one value to be graphed (i.e. Tells MRTG to not do 
                                  the default, which is to graph "In" and 
"Out" Values like for a router's interface traffic). So here the "noo"
                                  says "no out" value.
                        - gauge - The "gauge" option is basically a 
"current status" value. Not sure if that's what you want for this, I'm 
                                      thinking it probably is though..?
                        - growright - And I think the "growright" option 
is not used anymore (deprecated), but I always include it by habit.

                - "Enhanced" Options (*from above, with 'routers.cgi*' ):
                        - fixunit - This you will probably need as well. 
This tells MRTG that this value should not be appended with the 
                                        normal "k" or "b/s", etc... since 
It's only a number/count.
                        - nototal - This will remove the "Total" line 
calculation from showing on the graph.
                        - nopercent - This will suppress the calculation 
of the percentage of the MaxBytes value for the displayed values.
                                             Without this, a line will be 
graphed showing a percentage/ratio of the current value compared to 
                                             the "MaxBytes" value.

        3.   routers.cgi*Graph[$target_name]: All-Counters
                        *This Directive must be included in ALL 4 of the 
"Modem Counters" Graph's Directives. You may include the 
                         "Enhanced" Options on this line as well, after 
the new Graph's name (i.e. After "All-Counters" ). But I THINK the 
                         graph will inherit Options From the 4 parent 

                - "Graph" Directive (*from "routers.cgi*Graph[...]:" ):
                        - "All-Counters" - You can change the name to 
whatever you'd like to call it, but just make sure it's the same for all 
of them.

- Options for the One UserDefined Graph (*Single Graph containg all 4 
        *These options will define the "UserDefined" graph that will 
display ALL 4 Targets on a single graph.

          - Here is an example from my cfg for Active VPN Sessions on a 
VPN Concentrator:
                **This will basically be the same for yours because the 
values are just regular "numbers/a count" of something...

        4.      routers.cgi*ShortName[$target_name]: All-Counters
                routers.cgi*Description[$target_name]: All Active 
VPN-Sessions (Active, Remote-Access, LAN-to-LAN)
                routers.cgi*Title[$target_name]: All Modem Counters
                routers.cgi*YLegend[$target_name]: Count
                routers.cgi*MaxBytes[$target_name]: 100000000           # 
---> Or whatever the max is if there is any...?
                routers.cgi*UnScaled[$target_name]: dwmy
                routers.cgi*WithPeak[$target_name]: dwmy
                routers.cgi*Options[$target_name]: nototal
                routers.cgi*InSummary[$target_name]: yes
                routers.cgi*InCompact[$target_name]: yes
                routers.cgi*GraphStyle[$target_name]: range
                *This "UserDefined" Graph will also inherit the "Legend1" 
values from the other 4 graphs, so you don't have to 
                 specify them here...

Anyway, let me know if that helps... If something there doesn't make sense 
just let me know and I'll try to clairfy it...


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On Thu, 3 Jan 2013, Steve Shipway wrote:

|->Matt has it right (and saves me having to make the answer myself!)
|->A few enhancements I could suggest ¨C

Thanks for the extra info Steve. Matt, your config definately did the

A few minor script probs to work out, but its there. I was on the right
track, but now that I see how its done I understand it.

Though one question, I dont want an average calculated. I just want each
value plotted on the graph as it comes out.

Which Option[] would I use?

Thanks again guys.


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