[mrtg] setting floor value for graphs

Kevin Carmical KevinC at uca.edu
Fri Jan 25 16:33:31 CET 2013

Hello all. 
I'm using mrtg to monitor our datacenter's temperature with some AVTech temp sensors. 
The sensors return data as a four-digit integer, so I've used the Factor option to get the correct temp value for use in the graphs.  
I would like to have the graphs show *only* values above 60F; I don't expect our datacenter to suddenly cool itself, so I'm really only interested in the high ends of the scale. Is there a way to have mrtg set a floor value on the graphs so as to raise the minimum from 0? I didn't see an obvious way to do this in the documentation. I'd really like for it to set the graphs to only display from 60F-90F. 
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