[mrtg] setting floor value for graphs

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If you are using MRTG/RRD with the routers2.cgi frontend, then you can use the directive

routers.cgi*LowerLimit[xxxx]: yyyy

to set the graph lower Y-axis range to yyyy for tearget xxxx.  You can also combine this with

routers.cgi*Options[xxxx]: rigid

which will prevent the axis from auto-extending, even if the value extends to less that the set lower limit. Similarly, there is an UpperLimit directive, and of course the MaxBytes value (upperlimit defaults to maxbytes if you have rigid, and to 0.1 if you do not)


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Hello all.
I'm using mrtg to monitor our datacenter's temperature with some AVTech temp sensors.
The sensors return data as a four-digit integer, so I've used the Factor option to get the correct temp value for use in the graphs.
I would like to have the graphs show *only* values above 60F; I don't expect our datacenter to suddenly cool itself, so I'm really only interested in the high ends of the scale. Is there a way to have mrtg set a floor value on the graphs so as to raise the minimum from 0? I didn't see an obvious way to do this in the documentation. I'd really like for it to set the graphs to only display from 60F-90F.


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