[mrtg] routers.cgi*Options[xxxx]: default

domenic.disorbo at gdc.com domenic.disorbo at gdc.com
Tue Jul 16 23:12:01 CEST 2013

I'm looking to override the default, showing the interface graph for one 
of my devices

I came across "routers.cgi*Options[xxxx]: default" which I am assuming 
belongs in the CFG file for the device I wish to perform the override on 
and I assume  xxxxx must be set to the target name that I wish to show as 
a default 

I see in the snip it that I found it is mentioned that this is 
experimental - Is this still the case ? 

In my cfg file for the device I wish to show a different default I have 
but that does not seem to work - any suggestions 

routers.cgi*Icon: NetAppLogo.png
routers.cgi*Options[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: default

Legend1[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: fsMaxUsedBytesPerCent
Legend2[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: fsMaxUsedInodesPerCent
Legend3[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: Maximal fsMaxUsedBytesPerCent
Legend4[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: Maximal fsMaxUsedInodesPerCent
LegendI[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: fsMaxUsedBytesPerCent
LegendO[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: fsMaxUsedInodesPerCent
YLegend[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: %
ShortLegend[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: %
Title[NewCorpFiler-fsmaxused]: NewCorpFiler max space & inode usage
. at NewCorpFiler:
. . . 

= Snip it ===================================================

If you want to set a default for just one Device, you can add in the MRTG 
cfg file the line 
routers.cgi*Options[xxxx]: default 
This will make the target ?xxxx? the default for ALL users (overriding any 
defaulttarget definitions in the routers2.conf but not overriding a user?s 
personal preferences).  If you want to make a particular userdefined 
graph, or summary page, the default, then xxxx must match the name of the 
userdefined graph or summary page.  The autogenerated summary page is 
?__summary? and the autogenerated incoming/outgoing are ?__incoming? and 
Note that this is an experimental directive that is not fully reliable; 
however if it works for you then all to the good. 

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