[mrtg] IfName and MPLS interfaces

McDonald, Dan Dan.McDonald at austinenergy.com
Wed Jun 12 00:13:53 CEST 2013

Ok, so it’s already been fixed upstream....  I’m running 2.16.0, so I’ll see
about testing a newer version and using the —ifref=”name,ip’ syntax.

I believe type 166 are currently ignored as is, so no worries there.  166
counters are only interesting if you are running traffic engineering tunnels
and your device supports type 150 interfaces as well.


On 6/11/13 4:55 PM, "Steve Shipway" <s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz> wrote:

> You could just add --if-filter=’$if_type!=166’ to the cfgmaker command line,
> this will cause cfgmaker to ignore type 166 interfaces (though you’ll need to
> also use --ifref=’name,nr’ to make it fall back to using the interface number
> for the unique identifier since name is not unique).
> The ifref and ifdesc options of cfgmaker (after MRTG 2.16.something) allow
> multiple option to be specified in comma-separated form as alternative options
> if the first one is nonunique (My patch! My patch!)
> Or is the problem that you want one graph from the type 6 and one form the
> type 166?  In this case, you might be able to achieve it with an interface
> template  that tests the iftype and uses the default for type 6 but a
> different setup for the type 166.
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> In general, we use ifName to identify interfaces monitored by mrtg.  However,
> on MPLS PE or P routers, there are two instances with the same ifName – one
> with ifType 6 for the physical characteristics, and one with ifType 166 for
> the MPLS counters.  Without a lot of hacking to ignore ifType 166 interfaces,
> I think I’ll need to come up with another way to identify those interfaces.
> Cfgmaker doesn’t appear to have any sort of fallback to change ifref if the
> criteria specified by —ifref is unavailable.  I tried a bunch of ways to work
> around it, but short of creating a new configuration option, it’s pretty
> insistent on not allowing it.
> Would anyone find that a useful option for cfgmaker?  Perhaps a name like
> —ifref2?  I imagine for consistency I would also need --ifdesc2....

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