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Tyler, Rodney rtyler at gntc.edu
Tue Jul 8 23:36:17 CEST 2014

I have setup mrtg to monitor traffic for a specific Ethernet interface on a Cisco Catalyst 6509 that connects two campuses over a fiber WAN link.  The third party fiber provider says they are giving us 100Mbps across the fiber, but we need to verify what we are actually getting.  I  have come to realize that simply monitoring the WAN interface gives me a nice graph and actual kB/s (or MB/s) data passed, as shown below; however, the percentages are based on my Maxbytes value that is based on what the ISP says we are getting (100Mpbs or 12.5MB/s).  In other words, I can change the percentages by adjusting MaxBytes.  Is there any way to use mrtg to verify the available bandwidth over the WAN, or do I need a different tool?

        Max     Average Current
In      776.4 kB/s (6.2%)       143.6 kB/s (1.1%)       89.3 kB/s (0.7%)
Out     11.2 MB/s (89.5%)       542.1 kB/s (4.3%)       819.2 kB/s (6.6%)

Thanks for any assistance,

Rodney Tyler
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