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Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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MRTG will measure the actual USED traffic rate (averaged over your polling
frequency); and can display a percentage relative to your stated maximum.


If you want to know the maximum CAPACITY - IE, the theoretical maximum
bandwidth - then you will need another tool that basically squirts data down
as fast as it possibly can and measures the rate.  Note that this will of
course completely saturate your link, and may cause costs if you are charged
by data usage.  There is some free software called Perfsonar that we use
here to measure WAN connectivity which can do this amongst other things.





Steve Shipway

s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz


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I have setup mrtg to monitor traffic for a specific Ethernet interface on a
Cisco Catalyst 6509 that connects two campuses over a fiber WAN link.  The
third party fiber provider says they are giving us 100Mbps across the fiber,
but we need to verify what we are actually getting.  I  have come to realize
that simply monitoring the WAN interface gives me a nice graph and actual
kB/s (or MB/s) data passed, as shown below; however, the percentages are
based on my Maxbytes value that is based on what the ISP says we are getting
(100Mpbs or 12.5MB/s).  In other words, I can change the percentages by
adjusting MaxBytes.  Is there any way to use mrtg to verify the available
bandwidth over the WAN, or do I need a different tool?






776.4 kB/s (6.2%)

143.6 kB/s (1.1%) 

89.3 kB/s (0.7%) 


11.2 MB/s (89.5%) 

542.1 kB/s (4.3%) 

819.2 kB/s (6.6%) 



Thanks for any assistance,


Rodney Tyler

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