[mrtg] Monitoring latency and jitter

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
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There is a data-collection plugin for MRTG called mrtg-ping-probe that returns the min/max latencies (and jitter if you want); if you are using Routers2 with MRTG then it has a special mode to handle this which graphs it as a floating bar.  You can get the plugin from many places; I think it is in the MRTG contrib folder, and the Routers2 extras folder.

Having said that, Smokeping does the job far better, though it is a different package.  If you have alot of these you want to monitor, it may be a better choice.  If you have a single latency to monitor and many other MRTG metrics already in place, then maybe use MRTG for the latency graph.


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Is it possible to monitor latency and jitter with MRTG?  If so, does anyone have any pointers as how to do this?


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