[mrtg] Monitoring multiple devices with MRTG

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Mar 14 05:23:15 CET 2015

The recommended Best Practice is to have a separate cfg file for each device, for ease of management and to air your chosen web frontend.

You can then link them together using a 'master' CFG file, that uses the Include: directive to include all the components together, and run MRTG (possibly in daemon mode) against that master file.

When you make changes to your cfg files, you can touch the master.cfg, which will cause MRTG to re-read it in if necessary.

The latest MRTG will support wildcard-based Include directives, which makes things much easier.

We monitor over 40,000 metrics in our MRTG setup; we use a distributed Gearman-based scheduler, and the MRTG instances NFS mount the cfg filesystem and use a network-based rrdcached to hold the databases centrally (note - this requires rrdtool 1.4trunk or 1.5beta for MRTG to be able to create rrd files over rrdcached).  Then a single centralised Routers2 instance reads the rrd files.



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Is there a way to do this without making a separate cfg file?  I have 2000 devices I need to monitor.


Rick Silacci
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