[mrtg] Able to ping but not snmpwalk

Niall O'Reilly niall.oreilly at ucd.ie
Wed May 27 22:03:29 CEST 2015

On Wed, 27 May 2015 20:36:33 +0100,
Rick Silacci wrote:
> I’m monitoring 5080 devices for latency. I noticed some of the graphs
> are blank. I did an snmpwalk on the IP’s with the blank graphs and I
> get “No such instance currently exists at this OID”,

  The device is reporting that it doesn't have the data you asked for.

> which would
> explain the blank graphs. The part I can’t figure out is that when I
> ping that same IP I get a response.

  The device is reporting that it hears you.

  In either case, the device is reporting something and so,
  implicitly, that it is alive.  The two reports are consistent.

  There is probably some difference, either in capabability or in
  configuration, between the devices for which you are seeing graphs
  and the others.  As a result, some populate (and/or expose) the MIB
  to include the OID you are requesting, the others don't.

  Without knowing more about your devices, it's difficult to say more.

  You can dump the entire populated part of the MIB using snmpwalk, by
  specifying "." as the OID.

  I hope this helps.

  Best regards,
  Niall O'Reilly

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