[mrtg] Error with Ping-Probe

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Fri May 29 00:17:03 CEST 2015

Try running your external script from the commandline:


/etc/pingprobe/mrtg-ping-probe -c 5


Probably, it is returning an error for some reason.  Also, run it as the
user that MRTG runs as - some systems will not let a non-root user run ping.


This is how we call mrtg-ping-probe (replace %SHNAME% and %IPADDR%


Target[%SHNAME%-ping]: `/u01/mrtg/bin/mrtg-ping-probe -p '1000*max/1000*min'
-s %IPADDR%` / 1000000

Title[%SHNAME%-ping]: Ping times to %SHNAME%

MaxBytes[%SHNAME%-ping]: 5

AbsMax[%SHNAME%-ping]: 10

PageTop[%SHNAME%-ping]: null

Options[%SHNAME%-ping]: gauge nopercent

YLegend[%SHNAME%-ping]: RTT Seconds

ShortLegend[%SHNAME%-ping]: s

Legend1[%SHNAME%-ping]: Round Trip Time range

Legend2[%SHNAME%-ping]: Round Trip Time range

Legend3[%SHNAME%-ping]: High Peak 5min RTT

Legend4[%SHNAME%-ping]: Low Peak 5min RTT

LegendI[%SHNAME%-ping]: High:

LegendO[%SHNAME%-ping]: Low:

routers.cgi*ShortName[%SHNAME%-ping]: Ping: RTT

routers.cgi*Options[%SHNAME%-ping]: nomax nototal scaled nopercent

routers.cgi*GraphStyle[%SHNAME%-ping]: range

routers.cgi*InCompact[%SHNAME%-ping]: no

routers.cgi*UnScaled[%SHNAME%-ping]: none

routers.cgi*BgColour[%SHNAME%-ping]: #ffffff

routers.cgi*Icon[%SHNAME%-ping]: clock-sm.gif

routers.cgi*UpperLimit[%SHNAME%-ping]: 0.01




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I'm getting this error in my log file when using the cfg file below:  


: WARNING: Problem with External get '/etc/pingprobe/mrtg-ping-probe':

   Expected a Number for 'in' but nothing'





Target[]:`/etc/pingprobe/mrtg-ping-probe -c 5`


SetEnv[]:         MRTG_INT_IP=""

Title[]: Latency

PageTop[]: <H1>Latency For</H1>

MaxBytes[]: 180

AbsMax[]: 10000

WithPeak[]: ymwd

Options[]: gauge, growright

YLegend[]: ms


Legend1[]:Maximum Round Trip Time in ms
Legend2[]:Minimum Round Trip Time in ms

LegendI[]: Max:

LegendO[]: Max:




Any ideas?





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