[mrtg] Error with Ping-Probe

Rick Silacci rick at velociter.net
Thu May 28 23:53:33 CEST 2015

I'm getting this error in my log file when using the cfg file below:

: WARNING: Problem with External get '/etc/pingprobe/mrtg-ping-probe':

   Expected a Number for 'in' but nothing'

Target[]:`/etc/pingprobe/mrtg-ping-probe -c 5`


SetEnv[]:         MRTG_INT_IP=""

Title[]: Latency

PageTop[]: <H1>Latency For</H1>

MaxBytes[]: 180

AbsMax[]: 10000

WithPeak[]: ymwd

Options[]: gauge, growright

YLegend[]: ms


Legend1[]:Maximum Round Trip Time in ms Legend2[]:Minimum Round Trip Time in ms

LegendI[]: Max:

LegendO[]: Max:

Any ideas?


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