[mrtg] Syntax for 10Gbps interface name

Rick Pummel rpummel at wwps.org
Tue Dec 6 00:07:07 CET 2016

I'm hoping someone can answer what is probably a pretty easy question.
While I have been using MRTG for years, I have only recently needed to
start gathering stats on 10G interfaces. I can't seem to figure out the
correct syntax to identify the interface in the MRTG config file.

I use MRTG to graph around 15 of our key Cisco switches. The device in
question is a Cisco WS-C4500X-16 running
IOS cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.08.01.E.152-4.E1.

On a 1Gbps interface, my target statement looks like the following, which
works fine:
Target[WWHS]: #Gi6/1:public at

However, I have scoured the MRTG documentation and still cannot find the
appropriate syntax for a 10Gbps port on the same switch. I have
experimented with a number of creative names, just guesses, but none have
worked. I have even tried using the interface description (as detailed in
the documentation) instead of the name, but that yielded 0 output. In the
past, I have found that referencing a VLAN does not seem to work on any of
my Cisco switches, as it only shows Kbps of traffic rather than the
Mbps/Gbps I would expect.

Any advice?

Rick Pummel
Walla Walla Public Schools
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