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thomaz.portella at portoseguro.com.br thomaz.portella at portoseguro.com.br
Tue Jul 5 18:15:50 CEST 2016

Tks for replaying.
But looking for detailed instructions, I saw in this site
the mrtg in the same location as mine.
I couldn't build the mrtg.cfg file.
Can anyone send me the instructions because I am not finding. 
Thanks again

Thomaz Portella
Arquitetura de InfraEstrutura  - Tel.: 11 23936908
Corporação Porto Seguro  - http://www.portoseguro.com.br

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You are misunderstanding what MRTG does. MRTG isn't a server that runs all 
the time. You configure it to poll certain SNMP hosts and then you run it, 
usually every five minutes, from cron, and it creates graphs that then get 
served up usually by a webserver like apache. I would read the 
documentation more. cfgmaker is a utility that comes with for making the 
config files (though you can do a lot more than what cfgmaker will do for 
you), and indexmaker can make an index page of all the graphs for you, if 
you want something quick and dirty.
The reason mrtg didn't do anything when you ran it like that is that you 
haven't configured it to do anything - i.e. poll any hosts.
I think you just have to read the documentation a lot more. Good luck.

On 7/4/16 4:45 PM, thomaz portella wrote:
I am configuring remotely.
I found the cfg file located at /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg 
So I tried The and:
env LANG=C /usr/bin/mrtg /etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg 
Nothing happens.
Even trying ps -ef |grep mrtg nothing is running.
Before trying to start, I changed display tiping export DISPLAY=<IP>=0.0 .
But didn't work.
What can I do?

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