[rrd-developers] Re: Segmentation Fault?

Jeff Allen jra at corp.webtv.net
Tue Aug 10 11:26:08 MEST 1999

Jeff Johnson wrote:
> [10-Aug-1999 05:13:22*] Cannot update /home/cricket/cricket-config/../cricket-data//router-interfaces/ethernet0.rrd: rrdopen can't open 'dummy'

That message happens when Cricket tries to do this:

		RRDs::update('/home/cricket/...', join(':', $when, @data2));

It would help to know exactly what $when and @data2 were at that
point. Please add a Debug statement before there to find out.

I grepped in the RRD source code, and only found one place where dummy
shows up. That's in the RRDs glue code. Tobias, I've got a feeling
there's a bug in the RRDs.xs code that causes a seg fault in certain
circumstances. Hopefully Jeff's Debug() statement will give us enough
information to solve it.

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