[rrd-developers] Re: interlaced png's?

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Tue Aug 10 16:35:41 MEST 1999

Yesterday you sent me mail regarding [rrd-developers] interlaced png's?:

*> Does anyone kow if there's such a thing as an interlaced PNG? My damn
*> computer is too fast to let me tell if the interlaced effect is
*> happening when I load my png. :)

yes and it should work ...
*> PS: PNG's kick butt. They are so small, and so fast. Cricket 0.70 will
*> be out soon, and it defaults to plotting PNG's. You can still turn on
*> the 'suck-bandwidth' flag to make GIF's, but as far as I am concerned,
*> we are never going back to gifs! :)
*> PPS: Are there any nifty features of PNG's that we should be taking
*> advantage of, now that we are using them? I'm thinking things like
*> alpha channels, etc...

alpha does not work with todays browsers, but the interlacing is much nicer
than with gifs ... as it does interlace 2 dymensionally ... 


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