[rrd-developers] ANNOUNCE rrdtool 1.0.5 (automake release)

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Sat Aug 14 00:19:12 MEST 1999


RRDtool does have automake support now ... I have taken Blairs patches
(thanks) and completed the integration ...

you can get the latest release from


I have set the default to build a static library only ... this wont affect
perl ... it works all the same and will build its perl shared library. All
the tools will be static as well. 

Thanks to libtool and automake, the lovers of non static things have now
the possibility to have shared libs with --enable-shared

This release also adds yet another operator to CDEF ... called INF and
NEGINF ... whenever it occurs it will result in a data point being drawn at
the lower of upper border of the graph ... (flowers go to Alex)

I have tested this release on Linux, Solaris and FreeBSD. I would be
interested in reports from people who get it to work on other OSs ...


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= 1.0.5 1999/08/09 -- Tobi

- 1999/08/13 -- Tobi
  Tested portability of 1.0.5 release on Solaris, Linux and FreeBSD

+ 1999/08/13 -- Tobi
  changed IEEE tests ... now they tell you what fails and they are less
+ 1999/08/12 -- Alex + Tobi
  added INF and NEGINF operator to CDEF rpn functions. This pushes an
  positive or negative infinite number onto the stack respectively ... when
  graphing, they get replaced by a value equivalent to the upper or lower
  boundary of the graphing area ...

+ 1999/08/10 -- Tobi
  Integrated Blairs autoconf ... added dist and install support

+ 1999/08/09 -- Blair
  Added automake/libtool support ... with --enable-shared you can
  now get a shared library version of rrdtool ... 

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