[rrd-developers] Re: Some minor changes proposal

Tobias Weingartner weingart at cs.ualberta.ca
Fri Oct 1 18:17:44 MEST 1999

On Friday, October 1, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:
> It is alright to create aliases for AVERAGE and LAST (AVG and LST),
> and you prefer to include INT over DIV.
> What about both INT and DIV and give the user a choise ?
> And since you mentioned INT, perhaps also include ROUND ?
> It can be "x,/,INT" vs. "x,DIV", and "x,0.5,+,INT" vs. "x,ROUND".

My reason for disagreeing with the "LST" alias, is the fact that it's
not really a standard abreviation.  Simply having a TLA for every OP
is IMHO not the way to go.  I can see the point to AVERAGE => AVG, as
I'm a lazy bastard.  But how are you going to go with ROUND?  What
about RANDOM?  Are they both going to be RND?

Also, I could make as strong an argument to not use "INT", but instead
introduce a new operator called "#", which will give you the integer
part of the number on the top of the stack [push(int(pop(TOS)))].  Then
the above could be replaced with: "x,/,#" and "x,0.5,+,#".  This way
keeping things in the same vein as other +,-,/,%,*,...  Of course, this
would introduce a slightly non-standard operator, one I'd be quite willing
to see not implemented...

Just my $0.03CDN worth...

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