[rrd-developers] Tru64 - DEC Alpha - Cricket/RRDTool

Jennifer Hayes jennifer.Hayes at det.nsw.edu.au
Mon Apr 3 04:13:01 MEST 2000


  Please find the changes appended ...

  I am most interested in knowing if the TrueUnix stuff (64Bit) works>>

We are running Tru64 on DEC Alpha and still having probs after upgrading
to rrdtool-1.0.14.
The probs are:
1. Current value on all graphs remains at 0
2. Last updated time on all graphs remains at xx-1970

We spoke to you before & you said this was a Cricket problem. We have
had no luck getting any assistance from that side but have found a
number of other users with the same architecture having the same probs.

Has anyone on this list managed to get this config. running properly??

A colleague has almost finished a program which copies / compares /
merges MRTG files into the corresponding RRD files so we'd like to get
the Cricket interface working soon.
It has been suggested rewriting the grapher.cgi to use RRD's perl
libraries instead of the Cricket libraries has anyone done this?

Any help / ideas / suggestions would be appreciated.

Jenny Hayes
Unix Systems Administrator
Networks Branch
NSW Department of Education & Training
Information Technology Bureau
Direct +61 2 9942 9762
Fax +61 2 9942 9600
Email jennifer.hayes at det.nsw.edu.au

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