[rrd-developers] Restarting devices

Luis F Balbinot hades at exatas.unisinos.br
Fri Jan 21 18:32:37 MET 2000


I read the discussion about RRDtool and the restarting of devices (mostly
SNMP devices) and the problems that might occur. I'm having the same
problems with a tool I'm working on, where I have to check if the current
value of a variable is not lower than the last value. My variable works like

A solution would be to store the last value on a separate file, and check
the value at each poll interval. This is not a nice solution and does not
follow the nice "only one file that can be moved anywhere" model of RRDtool.

Wouldn't that be possible, and also valid, to have something like this:

rrdtool create test.rrd                   \
            DS:bytesIn:COUNTER:600:U:U    \
            DS:bytesInLst:GAUGE:600:U:U   \
            RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:600         \
            RRA:LAST:0.5:1:600            \

And then we can get the LAST value of bytesInLst to use as the last read
value. As it's a GAUGE, it will have the last value, right? Or do I have to
multiply (bytesInLst * step)?

What do you think? This will use more disk space, but will have to keep only
one file.

Any other ideas?

Best Regards,
Luis F Balbinot

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