[rrd-developers] compiling RRDs perl lib

Jake Brutlag jakeb at microsoft.com
Wed May 10 18:11:06 MEST 2000

I ran into some difficulty compiling the RRDs perl library. I am compiling
RRD version 1.0.17 on Solaris 2.5.1 with perl 5.00403. The error generated
was an unrecognized symbol 'PL_sv_undef' in perl-shared/RRDs.xs. There is a
sv_undef declaration in perl.h (one of the core perl files). I added a
#define to RRDs.xs to map PL_sv_undef to sv_undef and lo and behold, the
RRDs library compiled.

Has anyone else encountered this? My own best guess is that sv_undef is a
global variable, and it was renamed to PL_sv_undef a future version of perl.

I just joined this mailing list, so I don't know if this is an appropriate
question or not for the list.

Jake Brutlag
Network Analyst
Microsoft WebTV 

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