[rrd-developers] Please review recent changes

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Wed Jul 25 01:57:40 MEST 2001


After a period of silence, a few code changes have been made.
Please fetch the new source and try it.

If it fails, please post to this list and not directly to Tobi,
he's not to blame and I can probably solve the problem.

A part of what the new rrdgraph documentation describes has been
implemented.  VDEFs are available now (although not in their
mature form yet) and you can use them to get the following props:

FIRST    finds the time at which the first non-NaN interval starts
LAST     finds the time at which the last  non-NaN interval ends
MAXIMUM  the maximum value from the range.  Currently it is not
         computed over the original time series but rather over
         the consolidated series
AVERAGE  dito for average
MINIMUM  dito for minimum
PERCENT  Computes the Nth percentile from the range.  As with the
         max,avg,min functions it does not yet work on the raw data.

As a suggestion:
- create a database as usual
- fill it with 30 minutes worth of data
- graph using "--end now+10min --start end-50minutes"
- use
      VRULE:first#FF0000:"start of data"
      VRULE:last#FF0000:"end of data"
      HRULE:pct#FF0000:"95th percentile"
      GPRINT:pct:"%6.2lf Bps\n"
  together with the usual stuff.
Note that the GPRINT statement does NOT need a CF.  It still does
if you print DEF and CDEF variables.
Also note that "VDEF:max=ds,MAXIMUM" and "GPRINT:max:%6.2lf" is a way
of saying "GPRINT:ds:MAXIMUM:%6.2lf".

I appreciate all kinds of feedback but please, don't forget the
"because ..." after "It s*cks".

As I cannot test it on anything other than intel and as Tobi didn't,
there may be problems on different platforms.  If so, please drop me
a note. I'll try and fix it ASAP.

Discrepancies between the implementation and the documentation?
Please let me know but only after careful checking of the notes
saying "not implemented yet" and such.

Please do also comment on the general setup of the rrdgraph docs.
What do you think of splitting it the way I did?

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