[rrd-developers] Idea for RRDtool 1.1.x: Database connectivity to store RRD data.

Jakob Ilves jakob.ilves at oracle.com
Tue Mar 6 10:06:04 MET 2001


More fuel for the 1.1.x feature discussion...

Currently the RRDtool use flat files for storing the data.  There has
already been discussions on using a database to store the data (the
particular discussion was related to MySQL, but in my case just being
able to connect to an Oracle database would be enough... ;-).

Any ideas of strategies for implementing this?  I think the code for
storing and retrieving RRD data from the database definitively should be
part of the C code rrdtool is made up of, especially as the current
store/retrieve code for the flat files are written in C.  Supporting
relational databases which use SQL would be a good start.

As I see it, there are different options:

1.) ODBC might be used which at least in theory should make RRDtool able
to access any ODBC compliant database.  How well this works in practice
need some investigation.  (Commersial ODBC vs freeware ODBC, how well
different flavours of databases works).
2.) Go get the connectivity stuff specific for the particular database
and then have tell configure to use that when configuring rrdtool prior
to build.
3.) Anything else I've missed...

Why use a database for the RRD data?  Several reasons: RRDtool get's
higher performance when storing/retrieving the data and has better
options for doing analysis of the already stored data etc.  RRDtool
would still be necessary, as it implements the logic of "Round Robin",
heartbeats etc.

Keep the comments coming!

Best regards


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