[rrd-developers] Re: Idea for RRDtool 1.1.x: Database connectivity to store RRD data.

Chris Foote chris at foote.com.au
Tue Mar 6 10:33:33 MET 2001

On Tue, 6 Mar 2001, Jakob Ilves wrote:

> Any ideas of strategies for implementing this?  I think the code for
> storing and retrieving RRD data from the database definitively should be
> part of the C code rrdtool is made up of, especially as the current
> store/retrieve code for the flat files are written in C.  Supporting
> relational databases which use SQL would be a good start.

Has anyone checked out SQL Relay ?:

I don't see many tools around the place talking to SQL databases
that are written in C, since I imagine it's really difficult to
support the dozens of API's out there, and you only have to deal
with a single interface in the case of SQL Relay.

Seems like it would cut significant development time, and also has
the advantage of keeping the SQL backend open for re-use - especially
good in the case of RRDTool since some people might invoke it a
few thousand times an hour :-)

> <snip>

> Why use a database for the RRD data?  Several reasons: RRDtool get's
> higher performance when storing/retrieving the data and has better
> options for doing analysis of the already stored data etc.  RRDtool
> would still be necessary, as it implements the logic of "Round Robin",
> heartbeats etc.

IMHO RRDTool's native data storage would probably always give better
performance than any SQL database (running on the same machine/hardware).

Chris Foote
chris at foote.com.au
ph: +61 42 10101 88

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