[rrd-developers] Compiling 1.1.x RRDs perl module on Win32

Jake Brutlag jakeb at microsoft.com
Tue Apr 2 02:17:48 MEST 2002

As noted in my previous messages, I've compiled the rrd.lib link library
for 1.1.x post-libart integration. I compiled rrdtool.exe and ran a few
tests to verify the basics are working. Now, I had some difficulty
compiling the RRDs module. I think the major cause of my difficulties
are incompatibilties between (1) changes introduced in RRDs.xs between
1.0.28 and 1.0.33 and (2) Active State 5xx perl build (perl 5.005_03).

Yes, I realize this perl version (and Active State build) is out of
date, but it is out there on a number of production systems. Besides, I
think it is our goal (as RRDtool developers) to be compatible with older
perl versions. Here are the changes I had to made to compile RRDs using

To ntmake.pl: 
(1) Commented out LIBC, LDLOADLIBS flags. These don't seem to be
availabe in MakeMaker.pm version 5.4302.
(2) Changed INC and MYEXTLIB to refer to new libraries/paths. 
(3) Added libc.lib to MYEXTLIB. Libc.lib is important, because it is now
needed not only by RRDtool, but freetype.

To RRDs.xs: 
(4) Changed: 
#define PL_sv_undef sv_undef
#ifndef PL_sv_undef
#define PL_sv_undef sv_undef
When I submitted the patch to 1.0.25 (my first patch to RRDtool!), I
proposed the latter rather than the former. The former doesn't work for
me. Perhaps I need to explicitly set PERLPATCHLEVEL via ntmake.pl? BTW,
what was the logic of using the former in preference to the latter?
(5) Removed the #ifdef WIN32 block. Perhaps it was needed before
libc.lib, but this block conflicts with libc.lib definitions.

With these changes, I can run perl ntmake.pl, nmake, and nmake dist
without incident. I hesistate to simply submit these changes, because I
suspect they may cause problems for those Win32 users that utilize the
Visual C++ project file to compile perl and/or an Active State 6xx
build. I would appreciate insight from those of you that utilize these
other approaches with the 1.0.x version of RRDtool (my best guess is
that no one is seriously testing 1.1.x on Win32 yet).

Thanks, Jake

Jake Brutlag
Network Analyst
TV Services -- Network Operations
Microsoft MSN 

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