[rrd-developers] Re: [patch] gfx/graph fixes for imgformat in

Mark Mills mark at xodiax.com
Thu Apr 4 16:53:27 MEST 2002

> <hint>
> It doesn't seem to be very important to others or else there would
> actually be some traffic on this list ...
> </>

Well, not to be rude here but what is important to the few developers on the list and what is important to the thousands of users of RRD who will have stuff break underneath them are entirely different things.

I personally wouldn't mind an XML interface but not at the cost of breaking everything I have currently working.  I'd love to use the XML interface to generate graphs remotely and then cache them on a webserver. However, I'd honestly rather not have gridlines at all if I have to rewrite everything I've coded over the last two years.

Why not just pick a simple, rational default dotted line and hardcode it? Not everything has to be whizbang on the first pass and honestly no RRD/MRTG user has ever had the ability to change anything about gridlines other than the color. And they are all pretty happy about it because their graphs are quick and only take 25 lines of arguments. =)


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