[rrd-developers] [patch] support for PDF output format

Peter Speck speck at ruc.dk
Fri Apr 19 02:02:05 MEST 2002

Hi Tobi et.al.,

Patch for supporting PDF as output format.

Touches src/rrd_graph.c, src/rrd_gfx.h, src/rrd_gfx.c

The patch requires the eps/svg dash improvement code from previous mail 
(patch #1 below).

Sample file:

  - Peter Speck

		nothing lasts as long as the temporary
						- Napoleon

Old mail:
> 2 patches for current cvs:
> 1) Improvement of svg/eps dash code so it adjusts dash-lengths for round
> caps.
> Patches only svg/eps code in src/rrd_gfx.c
> http://www.vitality.dk/rrdtool/patches/2002-04-16-svgepsdash.diff
> 2) Modification of rrd_graph.c/h so it uses dashes for gridlines much
> like rrdtool 1.0
> Avoids drawing minor vertical gridlines where a major gridline is
> to  avoid artifacts from having the grey line beneath the red one.
> Patches src/rrd_graph.c and src/rrd_graph.h
> http://www.vitality.dk/rrdtool/patches/2002-04-16-griddash.diff
> Partial screendump of svg, zoomed to 800%, 33Kb:
> http://www.vitality.dk/rrdtool/dashes2.png
> This code uses 0,0 for dash-orgin so all dashes are aligned. It seems ok
> for now, future code might need to have control over the orgin. We might
> just use a global dash-orgin in canvas_t for this, instead of having a
> parameter for all draw-dash-line functions.
> BTW. Unless I enables #include "rrd_tool.h" in rrd_graph.c, I get this
> error on Solaris 2.6:
> rrd_graph.c: In function `rrd_graph':
> rrd_graph.c:2534: warning: implicit declaration of function `setlocale'
> rrd_graph.c:2534: `LC_ALL' undeclared (first use in this function)

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