[rrd-developers] Re: PIE CHART ??? (long)

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at ergens.op.HET.NET
Thu Jun 6 23:59:40 MEST 2002

Michael T. Babcock wrote:

> Agreed; I wouldn't suggest _removing_ graphing from the rrdtool package,
> just perhaps realising that adding rrdtool backends to other graphing
> packages is perhaps more useful.  As you infered, had another graphing
> package that supports pie charts been augmented to use rrdtool data, we
> might be in the same / better place as we are now with rrdtool supporting it
> itself.

This comes very close to what I think could be done.  Essentially what
I proposed was "rrdtool fetch_binary" but then of course as a library
function; this same function should then be called from rrd_graph.c
but could also be used from [insert whatever program that can query
a database].  This functionality is almost ready in the program right
now, it would (I think) be a matter of separating rrd_fetch_fn and such
from the rest of the program and build a nice wrapper around it.

I still feel that the grapher function doesn't belong in rrdtool-the-program
*or* data aquisition should also be programmed in it.  Either way would
work for me.

>          I'm not sure adding pie charts to rrdtool is the best use of
> resources (programming time) that could have been put into making really
> nice graphing available through an external (preferably open source)
> program, but that's up to those who do the work :-).

Adding pie charts wasn't really that time consuming.  It is however not
the way to go.  There will be other wishes from time to time and the
additions need to be made more structured than now is happening.

I think Tobi (and he will correct me if I'm wrong) feels that graphing
the data should be a task for rrdtool just as much as storing that data.

Perhaps there is a clever way to import the output of other programs
into the canvas?  "rrdtool graph" could then call those other programs.
In that respect rrd_graph would become an integration utility that can
be extended, perhaps with modules similar to apache.

The xml syntax will probably make this relatively easy, and would also
make it easy to add a second Y-axis label and so on.

yet another 2ct.
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