[rrd-developers] Re: PIE CHART ??? (long)

Tobias Oetiker oetiker at ee.ethz.ch
Fri Jun 7 16:55:02 MEST 2002

Today Michael T. Babcock wrote:

> > Perhaps there is a clever way to import the output of other programs
> > into the canvas?  "rrdtool graph" could then call those other
> > programs.
> In my mind, 'rrdtool graph' would use an XML format to describe a
> completed graph, and then fetch the data and prepare it for plotting.
> If it had access to one of the (currently non-existent) programs it
> supported, it would use one of them to create the given graph type (at
> the user's discretion, unless of course, only one of those programs
> supports a given graph type) by passing it the data points.  In the
> absence of those programs, rrdtool would itself create the graph output
> using the current routines.


rrdtool is a self contained unit, and I realy want to keep it like
that not another imlib nightmare ... if we use external stuff it
should be under our control ... meaning it should be a library ...
not some external program ...


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