[rrd-developers] Re: PIE CHART ??? (long)

Michael T. Babcock mbabcock at fibrespeed.net
Fri Jun 7 17:06:04 MEST 2002

> rrdtool is a self contained unit, and I realy want to keep it like
> that 

I'm very sorry to hear that (again).  I'm sure its useful to a great
many people in that format, but it would be no less useful in the format
I proposed, nor more difficult (or different) to use, simply more

> not another imlib nightmare ... 

Interesting that you compare to imlib ... I have no idea why ... I still
use it heavily myself.

> if we use external stuff it
> should be under our control ... meaning it should be a library ...


1) HylaFax (large faxing project) requires GhostScript to create TIFFs
from PostScript.  You can run HylaFax without GhostScript, you just
won't be able to create fax images from PostScript.

2) crontab -e edits your cron job using the editor in $EDITOR.  If it
does not exist, you can still edit your cron job differently or even set
$EDITOR properly, but it doesn't reduce the functionality of cron.

Using libraries is fine though too ... if they exist.  Where they don't
exist, having the ability to call an external program to generate a nice
graph is a feature, not a bug.  Note that in the specific software
example I gave you, their functionality was in a library.

As for being "under our control", as long as its free to modify and
redistribute, it can be under anyone's control -- working with an author
to make their software more helpful to you is part of what OSS is about,
isn't it? :-)
Michael T. Babcock
CTO, FibreSpeed Ltd.

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