[rrd-developers] Re: Problem with perl (RRDs::graph) on XP, using Jun 10 snapshot

Jake Brutlag jakeb at microsoft.com
Wed Jun 12 02:14:04 MEST 2002

> I assume that others have got this to work on Win2000, so, 
> for troubleshooting analysis, I now think that the problem is 
> in RRDS.dll as compiled on my machine, under XP/.Net.  I 

This assumption is false. I usually don't run nmake test and the default
configure process on UNIX systems doesn't either. On my WinXP box w/ a
ActiveState 5xx build, I get a runtime exception (not a crash). I just
tried running make test on a Solaris box and under bindings/perl-shared
and the graph tests generate a large number of error messages (the
colinear message). It does apparently generate the png files, but it is
not clear to me that the graphs produced are correct.

It looks like Alex or Toby (or someone else more familiar with the graph
code) should give this a try and assess if (1) the graphs are correct,
and (2) the error messages are legitimate. If the the graphs are okay,
then the error messages should be cleaned up or returned properly via
RRDs::Error. It looks like the errors are just spewed to stdout, which
could be crashing your perl environment.


Jake Brutlag
Network Analyst
TV Services -- Network Operations
Microsoft MSN

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