[rrd-developers] new operand on rrdgraph CDEFs

Gonzalo Augusto Arana Tagle garana at uolsinectis.com.ar
Wed Jun 19 18:04:21 MEST 2002

Hi there,

I just wanted to share a patch to rrdtool-1.0.38 which adds a new
operator: PREV(vname).
It allows, for instance to filter data in many ways.
The simplest:
NOW=`date +%s`
./rrdtool graph test.png --start `echo "$NOW-86400" | bc` --width 800
--height 600 \
  DEF:in=test2.rrd:CPULoad:AVERAGE \
  LINE1:in#007700:in \
  'CDEF:prev1=PREV(in)' \
  'CDEF:diff1=in,PREV(in),-,UN,1,in,PREV(in),-,IF' \
  'CDEF:diff2=in,PREV(in),-' \
  LINE1:prev1#000077:'in prev' \
  LINE1:diff1#770000:'in diff'

It would be great if this patch is to be applied in future releases of
Any feedbacks will be welcomed,

Gonzalo A. Arana Tagle
Lider de Proyectos - Ingenieria

Florida 537 Piso 6, Buenos Aires, Argentina 
+54-11-4321-9110 ext 2544

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