[rrd-developers] Cricket issues [was: Future RRD Framework Requirements]

Bert Driehuis driehuis at playbeing.org
Fri Jun 21 02:49:51 MEST 2002

On Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Mark Mills wrote:

> > I don't think I'd devote much time to developing a system with that
> > many unsolved bugs. It doesn't make sence to proceed before all old
> > problems are solved.
> A much more logical course is to start with all new bugs.
> :)

Mark hits the nail right on the head. Cricket is far from ideal; it's an
ugly code base and there are bugs and misfeatures that result from that.
But it works, and I haven't seen a better tool for my purposes yet.

One can dispute how the bug database is dealt with. I personally close
bugs only when they are resolved, or I know for a fact they will never
be resolved. I can go in there and close all the bugs that *I* don't see
as a problem, and that in effect is how most commercial bug databases
are dealt with. Sourceforge even has this concept of marking a bug
"pending", which will cause it to go away automagically unless it is
followed up to. Are people more happy if we use that more often?

The fact remains, however, that if more hands actually were on Cricket
this would've been less of an issue.

I urge anyone who has an issue which doesn't get attention, and that is
important, to nudge the developers at cricket-developers. Or better yet,
start taking part in discussions on -developers. I don't even want to
count the number of topics that bled to death when I wanted to get
feedback. If a developer promises to do something and doesn't deliver,
nudge again. If you think you could do a better job at handling the bug
database, feel free to step in. There is no secret cabal.

Cricket isn't a full time activity for any of the developers, and with
5300 messages in my archive since I joined as a developer, and many
patches requiring significant effort in reviewing them, stuff is bound
to fall between the cracks. And I realize full well that the same holds
for the contributors, as evidenced by the fact that I rarely get a
reminder of an actual horrible bug for which a fix is available.

So, my request to the esteemed readership: if you have issues with
Cricket, please follow up in cricket-users or cricket-developers (not
both, please :-)  If you want to develop the kick-ass successor to
Cricket, please do so -- you'll find that most Cricket developers will
be happy to support you and probably even change over to your system
when it's done.

Hope this clarifies matters.


				-- Bert
Bert Driehuis -- driehuis at playbeing.org -- +31-20-3116119
If the only tool you've got is an axe, every problem looks like fun!

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