[rrd-developers] Re: Broken Win32 Build

Jake Brutlag jakeb at microsoft.com
Mon May 13 18:05:22 MEST 2002

> I have added autoconf tests for dirent, sys/stat.h and sys/types.h

The latter two headers (and associated functionality), sys/stat.h and
sys/types.h, are available on Win32.

> this helps for portabiliy on unix to an extent, at least the dirent
struct which also tends to be called
> direct should now be handled transparently ...

There is a direct.h header on Win32, which might have the functionality
you are looking for... Here is a list of routines defined in direct.h:
_chdir Change current working directory 
_chdrive Change current drive 
_getcwd Get current working directory for default drive 
_getdcwd Get current working directory for specified drive 
_getdrive Get current (default) drive 
_mkdir Make new directory 
_rmdir Remove directory 

But it doesn't have opendir/readdir/dirent structure.

After skimming through rrd_tool.c, it seems the idea is to add some
utility commands to rrdtool. This can certainly be done on Win32, even
if Win32 API calls are required. However, I am not certain simply adding
this functionality will allow rrdtool to run as service/server on Win32.
Is this functionality useful even if rrdtool is not a service?


Jake Brutlag
Network Analyst
TV Services -- Network Operations
Microsoft MSN 

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