[rrd-developers] Fonts and rrdtool-2002-10-23

rrd rrd at pert.com.ar
Fri Oct 25 01:07:00 MEST 2002


just started testing beta version and have the following situation
about fonts. Have no idea about TrueType, etc, but,

using either rrdtool.ttf sugested by
or any other, have the following status:

PNG: font is used, no errors, but vertical-label is
	in the top-left corner and inverted. (it's celsius)
PDF: font is ignored, output errors (can't find font .., about 40 times)
	output uses default Helvetica font, label is OK
SVG: like PDF, the same error but only 11 times, and output
	whithout any text.

In all cases we used the same command line (changing output extension
and --imgformat) and the graph were OK.


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