[rrd-developers] Re: FOUND IT! (was: rrd_graph.c: draw_horizontal_grid()...)

Jake Brutlag jakeb at microsoft.com
Mon Apr 28 19:55:41 MEST 2003

rrd-developers-bounce at list.ee.ethz.ch wrote:
> As far as I understand (CVSWeb would be nice...), that's because of
> the latest Jake's changes.

As I noted in my last message re: versions, when I implemented version
2, I modified create so that version 1 files were still created UNLESS
version 2 features were specifically requested (computed data sources,
holt-winters RRAs). When Sasha implemented version 3, he kept the
version 1 tag on create in place. I assumed this was because he intended
to preserve the logic that version 1 files should be created unless
requirements dictated otherwise. The fact the fwrite tag in create is
not conditional is not consistent with this intent. So this bug is not
due to my recent check-in, but rather an inconsistency in how version 3
was introduced. 

> In addition, rrd_dump always prints version=3, regardless of the file
>     version: printf("\t<version> %s </version>\n",RRD_VERSION);

This is because the dump format in 1.1.x IS NOT version 1 compatible.
The dump code, regardless of whether the binary file is version 1, 2, or
3 always dumps to version 3 (the binary file remains untouched and the
resulting dump is valid regardless of the original binary version). This
of course could be done differently, but that would require adding
branching code in dump.

Jake Brutlag
Network Analyst
Microsoft MSN 

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