[rrd-developers] Long command lines?

Kragen Sitaker kragen.sitaker at airwave.com
Mon Dec 22 21:36:35 MET 2003

Our symptom is that we get the "ERROR: creating arguments" message when
we do these large graphs, because fgets(aLine, sizeof(aLine)-1, stdin)
(which btw doesn't need the -1) truncates the command line in the middle
of a quoted argument.

We're graphing several hundred data sources at once --- enough that
MAX_LENGTH of 100000 isn't enough to hold the command line.  But we
have a lot of RRDTool processes, so we don't really want to increase
MAX_LENGTH to, say, 2 000 000.  (Our RRDTool processes currently
take about 250K each.)  We started looking into dynamically allocating
command-line memory, and then it occurred to us that maybe somebody else
had run into this problem.

Has anybody looked at this before?  Is anyone else interested in
fixing it?  Tobi, how many DVDs should we buy you off your wishlist to
interest you?  :)  Clearly rrd_tool.c is already mallocing and freeing,
so adding a realloc or two into the mix wouldn't be too risky.


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