[rrd-developers] PATCH: Making rrd_update multi-thread capable

Peter Stamfest peter at stamfest.at
Fri Feb 7 14:41:35 MET 2003


I am developing a high-performance MRTG replacement based on ucd-snmp
client code using RRD files for data storage. The beast is written in C,
is multithreaded and should be able to poll thousands of SNMP devices
without any problems (using an XML config file, etc...).

To be able to update multiple RRD files in parallel I had to modify 
some parts of rrdtool (mostly rrd_update.c and functions called from 

  * avoiding getopt_* (due to its use of global variables, it caused 
    crashes when I tested it)

  * rewrite error handling (do not store error messages in a global 

I introduced *_r functions for all functions that were involved and I also 
introduced the structure rrd_context (currently only holding error 

Note that all changes are backward-compatible: The original interface of 
the librrd remains unchanged. To use the multithreaded rrd_update use 

Find the patch attached. I think it  might be worth it to make other parts 
of RRD multithreaded as well - the patch might be used as a basis for 

I did not look into things like PHP integration, but I think it might be 
worth to make that part thread-safe as well (thinking of apache 2.x 

I hope that the patch is complete, feedback is very welcome. If there is 
any interest in this, I shall contribute future patches in this area as 

In case somebody else has conquered this problem before please tell me - 
google-ing didn't find any information on multithreaded RRD updating...


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