[rrd-developers] Re: Improving RRD tool scalability

Otmar Lendl O.Lendl at austria.eu.net
Mon Mar 3 22:42:42 MET 2003

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On 2003/03/03 20:03, Sasha Mikheev <sasha at avalon-net.co.il> wrote:
> Recently we have encountered some "intresting" problems while using
> RRDtool derivative for large scale data collection.

Just one comment (as I've been doing similar this during
the last years):

> About 4M disk space per file. ~100GB total disk space.  System runs on
> Sun V880 with 4Ultra III CPU, 8 GB RAM and 6 disk IBM Fastt2000 RAID5
> controller.

> Further investigation revealed that we are spending most time waiting
> for disk.

rrdtool update is doing lots of small writes. 

Small writes are the worst things you can do to a RAID5 system,
as it needs to redo parity in that case. 

Have you tried running your setup on a RAID0+1 array?

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