[rrd-developers] Re: NT Version of 1.1-dev code

Peter Stamfest peter at stamfest.at
Mon Mar 24 19:34:36 MET 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Ian Holsman wrote:

> Peter Stamfest wrote:
> > On Mon, 24 Mar 2003, Jake Brutlag wrote:

> >>>ps.. can you get the CVS-HEAD to build where you are on win32?
> >>
> >>My current CVS refresh is from 1/29/03, apparently before the
> >>thread-safety code was added. This compiled on Win32 with VC++ 6.0 once
> >>I added rrd_nan_inf.c to the project and a #include <math.h> in
> >>rrd_man_inf.c. But I haven't done any testing with this version on
> >>Win32. I'll give the tip of tree version a try if I have time later this
> >>week.
> > 
> > In case my thread safety stuff breaks on certain architectures (it is 
> > streamlined for POSIX threads and I was very aware of the possibility of 
> > problems in this area) the suggested solution is to write an 
> > "instantiation" of the rrd_thread_safe.c file for the used thread package. 
> > 


> the problem isn't with the rrd_thread_safe  code, per se, it is with the addition of
> the re-entrant functions localtime_r ctime_r gmtime_r & strtok_r through the code, which
> are not implemented on win32. I submitted a rrd_thread_safe_nt.c which contains implementations

BTW: Are the non *_r functions thread-safe on win32? Are there 
thread-safe version? I'm just curious.

> of the missig re-entrant versions, as well as a win32 specfic implementaion of a thread safe
> get_context call.

OK, I have to admit I didn't check your changes. However, I wanted to make
this particular point clear in public as it is important for other
thread-packages as well. I think I only wrote to Tobi in a private thread
about it previously. But it seems you did the Right Thing anyway. Great! I
guess this should also find its way into doc/rrdthreads.pod. 

What do you think about the overall design of the thread-safety stuff? Did 
it provide for all that was needed to get you going on win32? What could 
be improved?


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