[rrd-developers] Re: (bug?) Incorrectly selecting low-res RRA

Phil Radden P.Radden at rl.ac.uk
Thu Mar 27 14:50:40 MET 2003

On Wed, 26 Mar 2003, Stanislav Sinyagin wrote:
> I think it's the same problem that I've reported in January
> See the theads:  
>       [rrd-developers] Re: LINE2 precision in rrdtool 1.1.x  
>       [rrd-developers] rrdtool 1.1 patch: src/rrd_fetch.c (RRA selection)  
> It is fixed in 1.1.x, and as far as I remember, in 1.0.41 too?

Hi Stanislav,

Thanks for your mail; I saw the note about your patch in the changelog for 
1.0.41, so I switched to that when I was first seeing the problem.  
Unfortunately, it didn't seem to change the behaviour - I'm definitely 
still seeing it!

Now I've been logging a bit longer, I can tell you that it picked the 
low-res RRA between:
  Tue Mar 25 2003 00:01 - 00:24 (inclusive)
  Wed Mar 26 2003 00:01 - 01:36 (inclusive)
and no other times between Monday lunchtime and now (Thursday afternoon).
This is all using 1.0.41.

Any tips?  It's difficult for me to enable any debugging on that system, 
since it's a very busy production system, but I'll see if I can duplicate 
enough of the setup somewhere else to replicate the problem.


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