[rrd-developers] Re: RANGE style

Susumu Shimizu shimizu at ntt-20.ecl.net
Thu Nov 6 15:48:32 MET 2003


> What is the advantage over STACKing an area on top of an invisible
> part?

Well, I did not know how to use the invisible part...it seems nice for
my purpose also.  I think one of the advantage of RANGE function is that
it could shorten the command line. 

Here's an example.  To make a graph like
requires following commands.

rrdtool graph a.png \
	DEF:val1=waseda.rrd:util:MAX \
	DEF:val2=waseda.rrd:util:MIN \
	DEF:val3=waseda.rrd:util:AVERAGE  \
	CDEF:val4=val1,val2,- \
	CDEF:val5=val3,val2,- \ 
	AREA:val2 STACK:val4#00EE00 \
	AREA:val2 STACK:val5#E000E0

where the same graph could be generated using RANGE function
like this.

rrdtool graph b.png \
	DEF:val1=waseda.rrd:util:MAX \
	DEF:val2=waseda.rrd:util:MIN \
	DEF:val3=waseda.rrd:util:AVERAGE  \
	RANGE:val2,val1#00EE00 \

Isn't it much straightforward? 

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Waseda Univ, Tokyo                            ####@NTT,*|
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