[rrd-developers] billing cross example

Tam Khuat Tam.Khuat at optus.com.au
Wed Nov 3 23:04:56 MET 2004

Hi All

I downloaded the Billing Cross Check Example in Gallery and test it on my
server (Solaris 9).
I encounter a few problems..Please help me out

1. LAST=`date -d $FIRST +%s`  and date -d is not a valid command
2. The ERROR :end time :unparsable time ..prob this is from LAST.

3. Also, the 'date +%s' will return this %s

This is what i got when execute the bash file.

date: bad conversion
usage:  date [-u] mmddHHMM[[cc]yy][.SS]
        date [-u] [+format]
        date -a [-]sss[.fff]
./alex-01.bash: LAST: command not found
<BODY text="#FFFFFF" bgcolor="#000000" alink="#FFFF00" vlink="#FF00FF"
<TABLE border=0 align=center width=760 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0>
<TR><TD>Our internet provider will bill us for the amount of bandwidth used
        per month.  Part of this bandwidth is prepaid, the rest is paid for
        on a kilobit-per-second basis.  Bandwidth used outside the red lines
        is expensive as this needs to be paid for separately in addition to
        the fee for the connection itself.
<TR><TD>ERROR: end time: unparsable time:


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