[rrd-developers] national characters in font; size of png; LINEx - width

Gabriel Borkowski gabrys at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 19:11:12 MEST 2005


recently I've compiled and sucessfully installed rrdtool 1.2rc(7,8 and
now final stable).
I've found two problems with the new version:
1) support for national characters.
   no national characters (such as: ąśćń󟳿ꥌĆŃÓŻŹŁĘ - Central
   European ISO-8859-2 or Windows 1250 codepages) are being graphed.
   Rectangular 'thing' is printed instead of national charcter.
2) PNGs are big
   Size of PNG generated in 1.0 version: 4-5kB.
   The same graph generated in new version - even more than 250kB.
   Yes I know it should be bigger (for example because of
   antialiasing) but i don't think that much.
   I ran a simple test - PNG (257kB) opened in Adobe PS and without
   any modifications saved as a PNG (using File/Save as...) resulted
   in file size: 45,9kB. Using special "Save for web..." option - file
   was even more smaller - 36kB.
   Maybe it has something to do with libpng...? But i'm using exactly
   the same version as in rrdtool1.0
3) LINEwidth
   In one of his posts Tobi wrote, that in rrdtool 1.2 it is possible to use LINE0.5
   but it looks it is not. Is this a bug?

   "if you make the LINEs in your graph less wide
    then things may look more organic again ...

   Gabriel Borkowski

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