[rrd-developers] Where to fix time modulo step problem?

David Mitchell mitchell at ucar.edu
Mon Dec 19 18:34:42 MET 2005


I'm working on installing Smokeping and am trying to keep long-term high 
resolution samples. The problem is that now long-term graphs are slow to 
render despite the presence of appropriate RRA's to use. The root of the 
problem is that Smokeping doesn't specify start and end times for the 
long-term graphs which are modulo the step size of the RRA's. My 
question is, where is the appropriate place to try and fix this? I see a 
number of solutions:

1) Deal with the fact that Smokeping pages now take a lot longer to load
2) Don't keep long-term high resolution data
3) Patch Smokeping so that it computes better start and end times
4) Patch rrd-graph so that it massages the start and end times
5) Patch rrd-fetch so that it massages the start and end times

I'm perfectly willing to try and put together a patch for 3, 4 or 5. At 
the same time, I'd hate to write a patch which has no chance of ever 
being accepted for inclusion. It seems to me that putting such a patch 
in rrd-fetch could be considered unattractive since you don't really 
know what people are doing with the data they extract, so you could 
easily cause problems. Putting the patch in rrd-graph seems reasonable 
to me, since if your RRA's are tuned to match your graphs, then you are 
only changing the times by your step size, which should be around one 
pixel. The patch could also be to Smokeping, but then no other tools 
using RRD would benefit. So my gut reaction is to try implementing #4. 
Am I totally off base? Do others see value in such a patch? Or do others 
see #1 and #2 as the right path? Thanks in advance,

-David Mitchell

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