[rrd-developers] BUG: attempt to put segment in horiz list twice ??

Per Jessen per at computer.org
Tue Jul 26 20:16:36 MEST 2005

I've just today moved from rrdtool 1.0.45 to the latest 1.2.11 - when I now try to graph
over a timespan that contains both data logged with 1.0.45 and 1.2.11, I seem to get this
error embedded in my PNG (which I write the stdout and present directly to a
It is now 1855CET, the library was built at 1713CET, and I have no problem graphing the
most recent 60 minutes (start=-1h), where as most recent 6 hours (start=-6h) seems to
write 3-4 of these errors to stdout before it writes the png.  Also the last 24 hours
don't work, whereas last 7days and last 30days work fine. 

I've grepped thru the rrdtool sources and no such message is being issued, which led me to
suspect libart - and indeed art_svp_intersect.c does issue this message.  

  if (seg->flags & ART_ACTIVE_FLAGS_IN_HORIZ)
      art_warn ("*** attempt to put segment in horiz list twice\n");
  seg->flags |= ART_ACTIVE_FLAGS_IN_HORIZ;

Am I doing something wrong?

/Per Jessen, Zürich

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