[rrd-developers] Re: multiple axes

Ruud H.G. van Tol rvtol at isolution.nl
Wed Jul 27 12:23:56 MEST 2005

Stefan Moser:
> Hi Ruud,
> Just wanted to say that I really appreciate what you're trying to do
> here.

You're welcome too.

> I've often found that I had to split things into two separate
> images for lack of a secondary y-axis when it'd be more naturally to
> have them together.

Yes, I have several charts like that. I am looking into other tools too:
  (that last one just for fun, see sincos.png)

> My requirements are simpler than yours as I'd be happy with a single
> optional y-axis on the right. Nevertheless, I cheer for you all the
> way :)

My first goal is exactly that, but I want to do it in a clean way, such
that even 6 Y-axes are feasible: two on the left, two in the middle
where the "center of gravity" of the graph is, two on the right.
Same for X-axes. Mixed lineair and logarithmic, etc. Of course you would
never use 12 axes in on graph, unless just because you can.

The "yaxis-side" I added, can currently have the values 1:Left=default,
2:Right, 3:Both. Actually it can also have 0:Default; maybe someone
likes to make the yaxis-side dependent on the country-code, you never

I also added a "yarrow-side", to play around with (1:Top=default,
2:Bottom, 3:Both, 0:Default).

The "language" I need, should of course be in the general style of
rrdgraph. Maybe something like:


where # is a number from 0 to 5, that defaults to 0. But that doesn't
cope with linear vs. logarithmic. For a specific graph, the outer left
Y-axis (#0) could be linear, and the outer right Y-axis (#1)
logarithmic. How to cleanly tell that to rrdgraph?

Something related:
I assume it is already possible to have a vertical bar-chart in the
background of a complex chart, with optionally the data value (as text)
in the head of the bars?
Would be a nice background for a smoothly running cluster of servers: a
stacked bar-chart of the number of people calling the helpdesk, the
first stack as people-being-helped and the seconds stack as

Grtz, Ruud

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