[rrd-developers] rrdgraph & step sizes

Greg Prosser gregp-rrd-developers at arrogant.org
Fri Jun 10 21:36:17 MEST 2005

Hi All,

I increased my rrd's to contain 60000 5 minute average (step=300) rows
in order to do some statistical analysis on this data.

As a result, rrdtool is now picking this sample set to generate all
graphs (other than one year ones) as its start/end times match the
requested start/end times.  The problem inherent in this is that I'd
much rather have the 30 minute average data set (for example) used to
generate the weekly graph, as I don't have enough 5 minute average data
to populate the graph.  The same goes for the monthly graph.

Is there a way I can force rrdtool to pick a certain RRA?  When
consulting the documentation (and the code) it seems that a DEF: line
causes rrdtool to try to find something with the proper start/end times
with a step size less than the requested step size (with --step).
However, rrd doesn't pick my 30 minute average RRA's (or others) because
my requested graph runs beyond the "last update" of the 30 minute RRA.

I could, I guess, just live with it for the 3 weeks it would take to
fill in the data, but I'd much rather have a way to work around that.
Any comments?

BTW: After reading the list, and seeing some of the strangeness in 1.2,
I'm still using 1.0.  (1.0.49 to be exact)  I'd rather not upgrade
unless this specific feature is found in a later version, as I have a
setup that works right now and don't want to break it.  :-)


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