[rrd-developers] RRDtool 1.0.x: rrd_update --template broken ?

Henrik Stoerner henrik at hswn.dk
Sun May 8 19:05:33 MEST 2005

I have some problems getting rrd_update to handle the --template option
when using the C API. 

My first attempt was to use the same set of parameters that work with
RRDtool 1.2.x. The debug output shows what's in the argv[] table passed
to rrd_update():

param 00: 'rrdupdate'
param 01: '/var/lib/hobbit/rrd/tyge.sslug.dk/vmstat.rrd'
param 02: '-t'
param 03: 'cpu_r:cpu_b:cpu_w:mem_swpd:mem_free:mem_buff:mem_cach:mem_si:mem_so:dsk_bi:dsk_bo:cpu_int:cpu_csw:cpu_usr:cpu_sys:cpu_idl:cpu_wait'
param 04: '1115570101:0:0:U:245988:6324:93144:462504:1:0:34:65:171:176:2:0:98:0'
RRD error: opening 'cpu_r:cpu_b:cpu_w:mem_swpd:mem_free:mem_buff:mem_cach:mem_si:mem_so:dsk_bi:dsk_bo:cpu_int:cpu_csw:cpu_usr:cpu_sys:cpu_idl:cpu_wait':No such file or directory

Huh ? So I tried merging -t and the ds-list into one:

param 00: 'rrdupdate'
param 01: '/var/lib/hobbit/rrd/tyge.sslug.dk/vmstat.rrd'
param 02: '-t cpu_r:cpu_b:cpu_w:mem_swpd:mem_free:mem_buff:mem_cach:mem_si:mem_so:dsk_bi:dsk_bo:cpu_int:cpu_csw:cpu_usr:cpu_sys:cpu_idl:cpu_wait'
param 03: '1115570401:0:0:U:245940:6472:96148:458436:0:0:42:62:177:103:0:0:99:0'
RRD error: Not enough arguments

I've tested it with RRDtool 1.0.49, but the CHANGES file for 1.0.50 does 
not mention anything about this being fixed.


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